eyebag in use

MGD Products and Treatments – MGDRx® EyeBag®

The MGDRx® EyeBag® is a simple treatment for eye problems resulting from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). With MGD, the meibomian oil that lubricates your blink is too thick to flow properly, often resulting in dry eyes, styes, eyelid cysts, and contact lens related dryness.

MGD can be relieved by hot compresses that literally melt the waxy meibomian oil. This treatment can be done using flannels and hot water but it’s a lot of hassle and doesn’t work well because they tend to cool too quickly.

The EyeBag® neatly overcomes these problems. It is easy to prepare – you simply pop it in the microwave for around 30 seconds. The filling in the silk and suedette EyeBag® retains heat very well so that even after 8 minutes, its temperature will still be around 40˚c (abnormal meibomian oil melts at around 39˚c). It is recommended that the EyeBag® is used twice a day for 10 minutes initially. In research, it was found that this resulted in symptoms being “greatly improved or relieved altogether”.
Watch the video to see how quick and simple it is to use the EyeBag ®. . .



eyebag instant

EyeBag® Instant is a great new product that offers maximum convenience when travelling or when a microwave is not available. Each box contains eight single use disposable masks.

You simply remove the mask from the sachet when you are ready to use - the mask is air activated and will begin to heat immediately, reaching optimum temperature in 2-3 minutes. You then loop it over your ears and leave in place for 10 minutes, allowing the heat to release your natural oils and relieve your symptoms.