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Visioncare's Wealdstone practice.

Who are we?

Dry Eyes Expert is part of Visioncare Medical Eye Centre, a group of three optical practices based in Wealdstone, New Barnet and Harley Street. Our dry eye clinics are supervised by Visioncare’s principal optometrists, brothers Bharat and Prakash Rughani. Bharat and Prakash first opened Visioncare in 1984 and the practices have gained a reputation for providing excellent care, and have won numerous awards.


Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry Eye Syndrome is a term which covers a number of conditions, but broadly means that the eye does not produce enough tears, or else the tears evaporate too quickly. It is a specialised field that needs diagnostic skills and expertise in a large range of treatments. Eye drops can seem like a simple remedy, and in many cases, they can be very effective. However, it is important to seek professional advice before buying these off the shelf, because overuse can sometimes impair the eye’s natural tear production.

Two types of tears
The eye needs to stay lubricated to stay comfortable and avoid infection. To do this it produces two types of tears:
Constant Tears – These tears are constantly produced and contain natural antibiotics. They help fight infection and keep your eye lubricated.
Reflex Tears – These are produced in response to emotion, injury, or eye irritation. They wash the surface of the eye when needed.
Healthy eyes need a balance of these types of tears. When you have Dry Eye Syndrome this balance is upset, and one of the aims of our clinics is to make sure your eyes are producing the right amounts of constant and reflex tears.
Dry Eyes Expert is a friendly, one-stop practice for all sufferers of dry eye. If your eyes ever feel sore and gritty, and you are not sure what can be done about it, please contact us for advice.