slit lamp exam

Dry Eye Clinics

Your initial consultation with our optometrist includes an eye examination to assess the condition of your eyes and determine the possible causes of your dry eye symptoms. This examination is different from a conventional eye test in that we are not just trying to measure your vision in order to prescribe spectacles (refraction), but we are more concerned with the overall health of your eyes and eyelids. If you are already a patient of ours, it may not be necessary to carry out a refraction. The examination will help us to diagnose conditions such as Mybomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), Blepharitis, and other problems that cause eye discomfort.

Our Optometrist will talk with you about your symptoms and whatever has been revealed in your eye examination. You will be asked about your lifestyle; for instance, what kind of environment do you work in? The idea is for us to get a complete picture of the many factors that affect eye conditions – we look on it as treating the whole person rather than just an eye problem.

A plan of action will be advised, along with recommendations of products and treatments that will help your condition. Following this stage of the consultation, one of our assistants will spend time with you to explain how to get the best out of any products we’ve recommended, and they will make sure you know exactly how to apply them.

The fee for our initial consultation is £65. If we need to see you again, the fee for a follow-up appointment is £45.