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A Comprehensive Guide

ABC of Dry Eyes by Bharat Rughani is now available as an e-book which you can download by contacting us using the link below.

Bharat Rughani is the principal partner and optometrist of Visioncare Medical Eye Centre. He is a qualified contact lens practitioner and apart from his role at Visioncare, Bharat also works alongside a consultant eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Bharat’s interest in Dry Eye Syndrome goes back more than 30 years, and ABC of Dry Eyes condenses that expertise into a comprehensive guide. Dry Eye Syndrome affects approximately 20% of the UK population which rises to 50% of people over 65, so a book such as this is a useful reference point for any family.

ABC of Dry Eyes will not only help you to identify different types of Dry Eye Syndrome, but it will also offer practical information and advice on how to treat them.

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